How Hydrophobic Works?

The hydrophobic treatment is a rain and water repellent coating that penetrates and seals the microscopic pores of the lens surface with a super-slick invisible barrier that helps to repel rain, and sweat; it also prevents sleet and snow from sticking to the lens surface on contact by weakening the lens surface tension; this facilitates the aerodynamic run-off of water droplets which results in an improved visibility.

It also creates a smudge-resistant, oleophobic barrier that repels skin oils, and makes it easier and faster to clean the lenses from mud and bugs.
And it has anti-static properties that repel dust and ensure lenses to stay cleaner longer.

Normally 2 to 3 drops application could last a week or so, however the visor or lenses require cleaning before the product is to be reapplied. The product is not water soluble and does not get washed off, but eventually dirt, dust and stuff does neutralize its effect.

It dries to a clear, high gloss, perfectly transparent coating. It is safe to use on polycarbonate, works on glass and plastics, and on mirror-coated eyewear (although not recommended). Once applied, it is streak free.

Does It Work On Iridium And Mirror Visors?

Iridium and mirror coatings are fragile lens surfaces, they don't adhere well to the substrate; they tend to flake easily and anything can cause them to come off... even hitting flies at 50mph. We ran several tests where we applied and polished our hydrophobic treatment onto one side of the visor every day for a month. We compared it to the untreated side.... net result.. no problem. That being said we still recommend that the lens or coating manufacturer conducts their own tests to satisfy themselves.

Can We Apply The Hydrophobic Treatment Once We Applied The Anti-fog?

NO, it is imperative to when applying Microclair's hydrophobic treatment, to use a clean and different cloth to that which you use to apply Microclair's anti-fog treatment. Otherwise the two products effectively cancel each other out, and the best performance is not obtained from either product.