Put It To The Test!

Our laboratory developed a new anti-fog formulation especially geared to Sports helmets and visors.

We now seek to test this treatment in the actual context in which it will be used, as opposed to laboratory testing.

So if you are a dedicated person, and your sport discipline is either Motocross, Dirt bike racing, Enduro, Quads or Road racing, and you are willing to check out the performance, durability of our new product and give us your feedback, then contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Microclair Sports welcomes your collaboration for its product development.

We aim at developing products that people need and want; hence we welcome your contribution in our creative process.

Whether you have ideas you want to share with us in the graphic design of our microfiber cloth, or if you have time and/or expertise in biking, MTB, running, triathlon, skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, hiking, racquet sport, or just love sports and you want to put to test our lens treatments; feel free to contact us or send a request to join our inner circle.

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