All of our teams and athletes demand the highest performance in of themselves as well as in the equipment they use. This is what drives Microclair Sports' product range: commitment, determination, passion and years of experience in manufacturing technically high performance products.

From design concept to final product, we test all our innovations in-house, and also in the field with the participation of our sponsored athletes. They take great pleasure in putting to test our lens treatment and cleaning solutions in the harshest environments to its maximum reach.

Welcome to our sponsored athletes, who help us test the limits of performance so you can test the limits of possibility!

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Quebec, Canada
Pro cycling racing team


Microclair Sports is proud to announce its partnership with the young racing squad Ekoi-Devinci for its 2013 UCI American Tour – Continental division. The team consists of 12 promising young riders from four different nationalities, whose main focus is to improve their performances and prove they have their place in high level races.


They are Quebecers: Émile Jean, Jean-Samuel Deshaies, Antoine Matteau, François Chabot, Jordan Brochu, Fred Cossette, Félix Côté-Bouvette, Yohan Patry, Samuel Gagnon, Mike Midlarsky, a Hungarian rider Artur Sagat, and finally, the Spanish rider Juan Miguel Garcia Perez. We wish them a great season!

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Bart Van Hecke

Marathon Cross-country, Stage Races


Initiated to sports by his father, Bart quickly showed his talent as a biker . His preferred discipline is Marathon MTB, and cross country. He participated to several elite competitions in his country, and shared the podium is few occasions.

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Ruben Geys
Balen, Belgium
Triathlon, duathlon and running


A young triathlete of 24, Ruben started running at the age of 9. His teacher seeing his talent in swimming encouraged him and trained him to become a triathlete back in 1994. He won his first contest at Viersel and since then he has been accumulating victories.

Pieter Rijnders
Kempen, Belgium
Triathlon, Duathlon, running


At the age of 37, Belgium triathlete Pieter Rijnders won the Belgium Champion title of the sprintduathlon of Wetteren , which he took out in 2009. He had practised cross-country running for the major part of his life until a knee injury in 2008 pushed him to start cycling. He has since then continued accumulating victories in duathlon competitions and have been a valuable team player for ETZ.

ETZ Microclair Sports
Energy Team Zuidwest –ETZ

Duathlon team


ETZ is a Duathlon and Triathlon club is the Southwest part of Belgium in Wevelgem. The team was founded at the end of 2008 from the Capino Duathlon Wevelgem. ETZ focuses on competitive, ambitious athletes! The team includes prestigious athletes such as Pieter Rijnders , Ilse Geldhof , Gert Van Poucke, Kenneth Vandendriessche, Julien Brazy, Diederik Derijcke, and many young talents as well.

Monika Born
Thunstetten, Switzerland
Ironman, Triathlon


Initiated to the practice of triathlon in 2000, Monika shows her talents and quickly stays in the top 10 rankings, accumulating victories in triathlon and Ironman discipline in Switzerland and abroad.