How does the Microclair microfiber work and why is it unique?

Microfiber is a synthetic textile made from fibers that are 100 times finer than human hair and 10 times finer than silk. Each fiber is composed of wedge shaped polyester strands that surround a core of polyamide nylon to form a single thread; these dual component fibers are then knitted together to form a very dense and strong fabric. Microclair's exceptional microfiber splits from its hollow core to form flat triangular shape wedges that act as a scrapper that scoop up and hold on to dirt, dust, and oils. The result is an exceptional cleaning, as opposed to other microfibers which triangular shaped wedges separate from their core but are not completely detached from center and therefore not able to grab even the finest dust particle.

Why is Microclair's microfiber cloth better?

Microclair's microfiber cloth is greatest most efficient cloth for cleaning sport glasses and so much more!

  1. It is technological superior: with its proprietary blend of 50% nylon to absorb water and lens cleaning solution; and 50% polyester perfect to absorb oily residues, as opposed to the standard microfiber that have a ratio of 20% nylon/80%polyester. It cleans without leaving any streaks or smearing behind!
  2. It has Maximum efficiency: thanks to its fiber structure with flat triangular shape wedges that act as a scrapper that scoop up and hold on to dirt, dust, and oils; resulting in an exceptional cleaning.
  3. It dries faster than regular microfiber: since its fiber splitting allows the air to circulate better and the cloth to dry faster than regular microfiber.
  4. It has a Silky feel on the touch: the unique blend of 50-50% nylon/polyester composition allow it to hold solidly in the user's hand while sliding on the lens surface, to provide with easy and efficient cleaning power.
  5. It is easy care and top durability: Microclair cloths will withstand repeated machine-washing with a mild detergent with no decrease in performance. For best results, do not use bleach, fabric softener, or softener sheets.