Anti-Fog Treatment

  • Sprayable easy to use anti-fog liquid application - convenient, economical and provides an excellent coverage all over the mask surface..... Our formulation is a liquid spray versus the common gel treatment: it is easier to apply and you only rinse your mask 1 time before you dive.
  • 3-products-in-1 bottle: it is a cleaner, an anti-fog treatment for the mask, and a lube... You treat you mask to prevent water vapor condensation on the surface, you use it as a general cleaner for your slate, your goggles or your scuba masks, and finally it is a lube for your zipper.
  • Functional and practical presentation to carry with you on a boat where there is not much space to carry all the gears!
  • High wash off and humidity resistance... so one application will prevent misting and will last multiple dives, as well as the bottle lasting many months in use.
  • Low smear characteristics on glass
  • Quality packaging: aluminum carabineer to hang on the sport bag for quick identification and use, PET bottle-damage resistant, and water resistant labeling.