Because I wear lenses, it is important for me that I can keep wearing my sunglasses, even during heavy efforts. But with heavy climbs and warm weather, my glasses fog up regularly which causes my vision not to be optimal. With the use of the anti-fog of Microclair Sports this problem is solved and I can continue to wear my sunglasses, have a clear visibility and therefore optimize the descents. Super product!

I have had a chance to use it in my swimming goggles and I am really impressed! It has made my old training goggles which constantly seemed dirty and 'misty', seem like new again. I think this is a really fantastic product.

Test1: Speedo swimming goggles. On these swimming goggles the product worked immediately and I had no more condensation on my glasses.
Test2: Same with Oakley eyewear, no more condensation. Your product works so very well!!!

I always had condensation problems with my eyewear when biking in cold weather. 50% of visibility due to the fogged up glasses can become dangerous on the road. I tried Microclair Sports products, and it really works! No more condensation problems! I keep a perfectly clear vision all the time. So I definitely recommend this product to anyone who practices outside sports, particularly in cold weather.

Stefaan Engels (Ghent, BE) also called “Marathon Man”, completed 365 marathon races within 365 days in 12 different countries and different continents. He recognizes that playing a sport requires not only endurance and athletic ability, but it also requires a great vision.

“With Microclair Sports anti-fog, I can focus my attention on the race and not toward constantly cleaning my glasses”